HipSCHP is group devoted to to documenting the history of Hip Santa Cruz, ca 1964-1972 or so. This site is a companion to the physical meetings, archival collections, and individual efforts that have been underway for several years.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Dear Hips --- Many thanks to Nici for setting up this blog. It is an experiment. My time is limited, and try as I might, I have been unable to get all our stories, recorded during our seven circles so far, transcribed and posted to our website. So now it is time for each of you to write some stories and post them here. Let's make history !!!

--- rhax (ralph abraham)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

April Meeting

we have a plan:
saturday april 7, 2-4 pm, at leon's place
all respondents affirmed this time


If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or questions I'll do my best to address them if you list them here. Just comment on this post and I'll see what I can do.


Test Photo Posting

(Imported from Ralph Abraham's Hip Santa Cruz History Project website)

One thing that could happen here is that people could provide information about images as part of the documentation process. This is along the lines of the project that I'd like to do with the group and this initial step might help show what the group's wants and needs are.

What else could be done?

Mission Statement

(Copied from Ralph Abraham's Hip Santa Cruz Web Site)

Mission Statement
by Judy XX, 19 April, 2002 (with Tandy and Ralph)

There's little argument that the 1960s was a rarefied time, what with the Vietnam War, Free Speech Movement, and general political unrest which ultimately paved the way for the Feminist Movement and a burgeoning ecological and civil rights awareness.

But in broad summation, what has come to be known as "the 60s" is perhaps best remembered as a culture clash in which "hippies" challenged everything "the establishment" had come to stand for. This challenge was joyously predominant on the West Coast, probably nowhere more so than in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Big Sur.

However, "the 60s" is itself a bit of a misnomer. More than a time, it was an experience; one that wasn't neatly contained between the parameters of two decades. In fact, the events that conspired to make that period memorable, at least in Santa Cruz, occurred during a brief few years from about 1964 to 1972.

Before 1964, women in this town were still wearing Jackie Kennedy pillbox hats and listening to Trini Lopez. And after 1972, we had moved from tie dye to polyester; from Jimi Hendrix to John Denver. But during that 8 year stint, a small community thrived in Santa Cruz. Most of us knew one another; VW buses were still a good thing, and the ignominious moniker of "Drug Capitol of the World" was perceived by many of us as the height of flattery.

Many bizarre things, poignant as well as hilarious, took place during that condensed time. There are stories, people, and a period of time we thought we'd never forget. And the reason we put together this website is to make sure that we don't. Some of us are scattered all over the globe, some of us have returned to Santa Cruz. Some never left. And some have passed on.

We'd like to spread this net -- on the net -- far and wide. Send us your stories, remind us, all the readers, of who you are and what your experiences were in the Santa Cruz 60s. This should be an easy task, now that we're all of the age where long term recall is more accessible than short term. Let your memory be jogged awake by some of the observations of old (probably now very old) friends on these pages.

Welcome Post

Hello Hip Santa Cruzians!

For right now, this is just an attempt to see if the blogger.com format will work for the needs of the group. If it does, this could become a forum for organizing the story circles, continuing the discussions started in the story circles, or branching out into new areas that the group meetings might not encourge. Check it out, try a post or try commenting on a post and see how you feel about the system.

-Nichole Solga Smith